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Kona Brewing Co. Big Wave Golden Ale

There I was, on the crappy deck, with the new experimental I brought home-the Big Wave. This light beer is prefect for a summer day. I have to say I’m impressed so I will dive right into this review.

My son had a friend over and my husband got this new virtual reality thing, so he had a date with his brother playing this dumb thing that will probably be the end of all real interaction human beings have. My daughter, who is 13 is never here. If I mention her it’s because she decided to pop in the house before leaving again; our encounters are as brief as a visit to a porta potty. I made dinner and then went outside looking at how crappy my deck looked. I could barley relax until…I cracked open this gem!

When you first lay your eyes on this can or bottle the amazing art work really pulls you in. Like any woman, I am a sucker for a beautiful can/bottle (every time). A brilliant move by Kona Brewing Co., this can is a teal blue with ocean waves, palm trees and plant life. The center of the can captures native Hawaiians (four to be precise) rowing a boat while being overtaken by a “big wave.”

The first smells of the opened beer reminds you of a beach or tropical setting. Light and airy with a hint of some tropical fruit smell. It is not over powering, but definitely there. A brilliant golden color is displayed in your glass, as the excitement builds.

That is pure bliss in my favorite beer glass! When it first hits your tongue you’ll receive that tangy, fruity aroma-as promised by the smell. Again, this is not over powering just light and lovely. This is an easy drinking beer, be careful you’ll be having too many if your not as disciplined as me. So, in short, tropical notes with a slightly tangy finish. Very good!

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