Beer Review

Kona Brewing Co. Pipeline

There I was, Crappy Deck sitting. It’s Friday people! I ran over to the liquor store to do what I love, pick a random selection. I decided I wanted to try another Kona since the first one was so good!

There is much to be said here; since the beer is pictured, we won’t waste time with descriptions of hot men with surf boards. I imagine he’s good looking, he might turn around and have a “butterface” – butt looks better than his face. Anyway, this is a porter made with Hawaiian Kona Coffee!

I’m really pleased at first sips. The coffee taste is pleasant and amazing, like Kona Coffee. It really shows up in the finish. Great breakfast beer, that’s a novel idea! Like any porter it is a heavier beer. I kept this one on the bottle but don’t mistake the porter Carmel color is present.

I’d like to point out that the bottle matches my crappy pillow in the background. You could say it’s a lovely accent to the decor.

Until next time…signing off but not leave the Crappy Desk-CD

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