Beer Review

Kentucky Coffee Barrel Cream Ale: Lexington Brewing Co.

It’s Saturday, I’ve been to my other job (cleaning) and shopping for kids, now just chillin on the Crappy Deck. Stopped by the store for his “random can” selection. I honestly couldn’t buy this in a single. I had to buy a 6 pack but, this was so aesthetically pleasing to my eye that I had to have it! I loved the cream and blue color. Thus, begins a love affair with this brew.

At first sips-utterly diffident, yet extremely fantastic! The coffee taste will hit you immediately, however wait for the bourbon to follow that up. Aged in bourbon barrels, this beer allows for that taste to shine through without making it shocking. It’s almost as though the bourbon creeps into your mouth, slowly, unlike a bug that deep throats you while you’re talking to people outside. It’s not abrasive either, it’s light. The Ale also has hints of actual cream. So many things going on here but this is a random choice that paid off. I will definitely enjoy the other five!


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