Beer Review

Sweet Baby Jesus: Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter- DuClaw Brewing Co.


It’s Sunday! This is a perfect beer for the Lord’s day-on the Crappy Deck. This is the Willy Wonka of beers. Let me explain this; “a snozzberry taste like a snozzberry”, the chocolate peanut butter taste like chocolate peanut butter. You’re eating that everlasting gobstopper that sends your taste buds through a dessert montage.

Let me try to describe this taste roller coaster; it’s bold, shocking and then you laugh. The laughter comes from the realization that you just drank what you read- chocolate peanut butter. I still cannot believe this. I will say that if you choose this brew, which I highly suggest, it’s a perfect finish to a meal and is definitely a treat. High five to DuClaw for this fantastic beer and perfect ending to my Sunday.

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