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Pineapple Beach: Funky Buddha Brewery

Work was really taxing today. I had a definite case of the Mondays. Got a salad to go and beelined to the liquor store for my randomcan. Guys, this is so good that I hope to find more in a pack. I want to take it on the beach trip in July. Welcome to the Funky Buddha-Pineapple Beach.

And Pineapple Beach we are sun bathing!

This is a light, super refreshing beer that hits you with that joy! The can is a perfect illustration to what happens in your mouth after the first drink; utter tropical sunshine. The pineapple is not a taste that overpowers the beer, rather it compliments it. So don’t be afraid, it’s not like pineapple on pizza, it belongs here. My first drink was right out of the can, then I poured into my frosted glass. I was so excited!

This is why I love randomcan selection and why it can be disappointing. I love it because it is extremely adventurous picking out a brew then somewhat of a drag when you don’t have more of the same. Although I only had one, I will definitely be coming back for more!

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