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Beer Beach Bonanza; Favorite Random 6 Pack for the Beach

Anytime I head to the beach for a summer getaway, beer is the first thing that comes to mind. There is something to be said about a cold brew in a worn out koozie, on a hot beach. Here are six of my must haves while beachin it:

1. Kona: Big Wave

This beer is a lighter perfect selection for easy drinking and offers a tropical feel without an overbearing fruity taste. Surfs up, ride a wave- don’t wipe out. See my review on this tasty brew here: Kona Brewing Co. Big Wave Golden Ale

2. Palmetto Brewing Co. : Mango IPA -Local Fav!

If you enjoy a super amazing mango with your beer, have no fear this IPA is here. I tried this last year and fell hard for the tropical melt in your mouth IPA. It is a must have in “da pack”. As a side note I’ve drank too many of these before, you just don’t want to end your relationship with it. Here’s to a long unforgettable tango with the mango. Dance to their site here : Palmetto Brewing Company

3. Michelob Ultra- JUST KIDDING –

Highland Brewing: Starchaser White

I don’t know why they changed the name, it use to be Stargazer, but I first sampled this in the mountains at the Pisgah Inn in The Pisgah National Forest. If you’ve never been to the Inn it’s pretty awesome. Anyway, this beer has the perfect combination of a lot of things, but what you really need to know is you’ll sip this and taste citrus and spices. It’s truly a stand alone to me, I’ve never tasted it’s equal. Funny story, I loved it so much, when we left the Inn I was determined to find it before we left North Carolina. Got to a gas station and there it was with a million other Highland beers, went to pick it out of the cooler and a voice from behind the beer said ” you can’t buy that till 1’O’clock!” Blue Laws in the south strick again, it was Sunday. The lady in the beer fridge has spoken. Still yearning for that star. Check them out!

Highland Brewing Company

4. BooJum -Anything you can find.

I was married in Waynesville, NC : a beautiful mountain town. There was this small restaurant when we traveled to get our marriage license right down the road from the court house called BooJum. We were intrigued. This place brews their own beers plus has an amazing menu and selection of other great beers.We had so many, we had to book a last minute AirBnB, who thankfully was right around the corner. Their Hounds of Helles and the Reward American Pale Ale, amazing. The can art work is also out of this world. You can find the beer in NC at places that sell, but not  before 1pm on Sundays!  They have  a seasonal that I plan on getting to write a review on called: Coconut Lime Gose. Can’t wait to try that! Here is a link to the website if you ever venture to Waynesville, NC.



5. Mcauslan Brewing Inc: St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale

I was at a restaurant, looking at all the beers on the menu and was overwhelmed with choices. Having an extreme beer meltdown, I asked the waiter what I should have. He brings me out this and I thought I was going to take one sip and hate the hell out of it. I ended up loving it and I am still in search of this beer. It is light and the apricot dances around your mouth only to say “hello” then gracefully leaves.  Perfect summer select!

6. Lexington Brewing Co.: Kentucky Coffee Barrel Cream Ale

What an obvious finish to the evening. After sunburning the hell out of yourself at the beach. A delightful treat, watching the sun go down drinking your pain away. Or getting up in the morning and having this as breakfast. Check out my review here: Kentucky Coffee Barrel Cream Ale: Lexington Brewing Co.

My husband and I after we were married

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