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Farmer Ted’s Cream Ale: Catawba Brewing Co.

So, sitting on the Crappy Deck, I thought I was out of beer. I went digging through the fridge, hoping there would be a “stray” beverage tucked somewhere in the abyss of leftovers and brown salad bags. I struck gold. There it was gleaming in the shallow light, Farmer Ted. A golden cab with a hot bearded man in overalls.

Light, smooth and I’m tasting honey. I noticed on the can that wasn’t mentioned and this is an Ale with a straw color that salutes beers made with corn and barley at home during the post prohibition period. Truthfully, when I bought this I thought it would be heavy. I’m so glad it’s not because it’s hot. Totally worth buying! Check it out! This is a golden can that should have a gold metal.

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