Sunny Daze IPA: Angry Fish Brewing Company- Lexington SC

Check this out! Out and about house shopping because I want to move. Needed a beer after the let down we had, long story short we loved this house but it was too small for our kids. Parents know what I’m talking about. Well I found a Lexington Brewery! Angry Fish Brewing Company

I tried the flight, because why not right? My favorite out of these was the Sunny Daze IPA. Lite and refreshing this is a great beer. I predict this will be “the spot” soon. They offer food trucks, live music and other events : Paint at Angry Fish Brewing Company that is this Wednesday July 31st 2019. The link has more of the deets. Check out my You Tube channel for a short about Video about Angry Fish. Find that on my home page!

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