Beer Review

World Court Mocha Blonde Stout: Legal Remedy Brewing Company

The can reads; “Justice never tasted so good”. I would have to agree. The magnificent aromas that flooded the air as soon as I opened this Randomcan find reminded me of my morning mocha. The beer is in “session” and Legal Remedy is on retainer.

I cannot say enough about the smells of mocha and cream. I am truly blown away by this Blonde Stout. It’s not heavy or overwhelming with mocha and surprisingly this is not sweet. Rather it presents as a subtle passive mocha favor with hints of cream. Its so well balanced and my single can didn’t last long enough! I finished this one in like 3 minutes!

Rock Hill South Carolina isn’t that far from me and I will be planning a trip to their establishment. The jury is out and the defendant is guilty; guilty of making a freaking phenomenal craft beer.