Beer Review

Coconut Sombrero: Crown Shoes Beer

Clown Shoes was first introduced to me at Casual Pint; A Craft Beer Lovers Delight . Space Cake was on he menu and I was intrigued by both the brewery name and the beer name.

So fast forward to my trip to the local liquor store, Lexington Beverage Outlet, where Tom helped me pick out some RandomCans and he’s a fan of the Clown Shoes.

I have others to try and one…wait for it….was almost $10.00 for 1 freaking can! I better like it! Anyways, Coconut Sombrero, a thick chocolate Stout that is amazing! If you love coconut and chocolate as I do, this is a fantastic after dinner beer and would pair well with a nice cigar.

It definitely has a chocolate taste on the front and then finishes with a world of coconut flavor. Clown Shoes is known for their can designs and the illustrations will have you memorized. I liken it to looking at the cereal box when you were a kid while you ate that bowl in the morning at the table. You stare at every picture and word until you’re pretty sure you didn’t miss something. This is what happens, drink the beer and then enjoy both the can and the craft.