Beer Review

Banana Bread Beer-Wells and Chocolate Stout- Samuel Smith’s Combination

Long story short, I moved; I no longer have a “Crappy Deck” it’s actually pretty sweet. The view faces a pond. I’m like on permanent vacation. I was so excited to show you all this; my combination beer.

Don’t mistake, both beers can stand alone in your glass and are equally delicious, however, combine them and your taste buds are enlightened.

Wells Banana Bread Beer is so good. The Banana isn’t powerful but perfect. The Chocolate Stout by Samuel Smith is chocolatey yet, allows the right amount of chocolate to shine through. Pour the Banana Bread first-half glass, then add the Chocolate Stout equal parts: This is the most amazing favor combination.

I was a long time fan of the Wells Banana Bread Beer, then was introduced to the Chocolate Stout by a waiter at a restaurant. He said and I quote “I know this may sound weird but can I bring you a Chocolate beer to mix that with?” I said ok! Thus the love affair! I can’t express or explain how this is the perfect marriage.