Beer Review

Hypnotic Beast Tropical IPA: Wild West Brews

This is a first for Me but I can’t find a social media presence with this brewery. There seems to have maybe been on one twitter but no post or follows. I got this at Lidl, a local German grocery store see the article I wrote about that here : Lidl .

If your not a fan of tropical then do not buy this, but it will allow for you to escape into a paradise. Notes of tangerine or pineapple parade about your mouth while you are “hypnotized” by the beast. What a fantastic beer! And it was reasonably priced for a six pack of craft.

The can really caught my eye. I am not ashamed to say I gravitate towards pretty cans. This is beautiful! So pleased with this and will be getting more ! Let me know if you know this brewery too, I’d liked to give them props on a great beer!

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