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7 Hilarious Beer Names that will Have you LOL’ing

Since I’ve been newly exploring the craft brew tasting scene, I’ve come across quite a few beer names that have had me laughing. With the over 7,000 brewery locations just in the United States alone according to USA Today’s The year in beer: Cheers, there’s more than 7,000 breweries operating in the US ; the craft scene is exploding with locations and creativity.

As more and more breweries compete, we as the consumer have limitless options for quality, taste experiences and viewing amazing can and bottle art.

Along with all the aforementioned, beer names have become somewhat of a unique adventure in advertising. As I’ve chosen beers for sampling numerous times, I’ve noticed that can or bottle art and craft beer names are the number one reason I pick the beer I sample. So let’s dive in and explore these 7 hilarious names of beer that I have found!

1.Poop Your Pants Chocolate Bock: from Perrin Brewing Company

Well, what’s more recognizable than poop I guess. It’s brown and often mistaken for melted chocolate? Sure, why not.

2. Sour me Unicorn Farts from Duclaw Brewing Company

Majestic, magnificent and always smelling like roses and floral arrangements- Unicorn Farts. Maybe the can explodes with glitter when you open it. Definitely catchy and more importantly unforgettable.

3. Cat Pajamas IPA from Shorts Brewing Company

Apparently Cats love pajamas and a 9.7% IPA. Maybe you will see a pajama wearing cat after a six pack of this!

4. Brown Sugar Brown Cow from D9 Brewing Company

This, funny for so many reasons. I couldn’t stop saying it! I bet it’s freaking delicious too!

5. New Phone Who Dis? From Evil Genius Beer Company- Carmel Macchiato Porter

Hahahahaha! This brewery is hilarious. Check out their website for other hilarious names like “Shut up Meg” “Santa I know him” and “Purple Monkey Dishwasher”.

6. Citra Ass Down from Against the Grain Brewery.

A double IPA that is described as “not mother milk or made with zombie dirt”. They are hilarious and offer other beers such as “A Beer” and “Pile of Face”.

7. Astronaut Sauce from River Rat Brewery.

“Pairs well with impromptu moonwalks and freezes dried ice cream.” This is a favorite of mine!