Angela is not an expert and loves to explore different places to sample craft beers in Lexington SC. She just selects “random cans”. She often finds it fascinating how much she believes she’s an expert but, it’s the dream that counts. As a 39 year old woman she has had lucrative careers to include but not limited to; a pharmacy tech, bar server, waitress, pet sitter, Airmen in the United States Air Force- shout out to POL – who the hell, a mom (still a mom), a cop and now a procurement professional of things IT.

She is married to a wonderful man who host a Podcast about the Ottoman Empire. Go check out Empires of History Podcast, where you get your podcast. She has three children and is attempting to deal with a teenage girl. Drinking on the Crappy Deck provides some sanity!

I love at the end of my day, selecting a random can at the local liquor store and trying various beers from different makers. In a “random can” selection I look for art work on the beer, read the labels, and try to select a beer that I would enjoy drinking and writing about. I try to keep it short, and just give the perspective of the average beer drinker. I hope you come back again and again to see what I have found next. If you have any suggestions let me know!